June 22-24th weekend

MISSISSIPPI RIVER STATE PARK, MARIANNA ARKANSAS 36177252_10156310069257988_6904830583168303104_n

June 22…

Friday was a hot day. In Arkansas, summer days are usually hot and humid (which makes a 80 degree day feel more like 95 degrees). Friday was no different. On days like this you never know if a thunderstorm will drop in on you. My camping weekend got started late because I rescued two dogs on this day. One from a hoarding situation in Mississippi (a dachshund named Charlie) and a beagle mix on the way back (abandoned at a truck weigh station) named Birdie Bee. Here are their sweet pictures….

Friday afternoon I drove SPIRIT to my favorite spot at Mississippi River State Park. I was able to get everything set up before my Mom arrived later that evening.




Of course Abby would rather stay in the air conditioning! 🙂36176453_10156310068777988_344136157262512128_n

On Friday evening some of my friends came to visit. Love seeing these little kiddos. Abby loved seeing them too. It is always nice being able to hang out with friends outside in nature.

It was a beautiful day!


Saturday was a peaceful morning with a cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle. It was an overcast day and the temperature was in the low 80s. The breeze was nice too. 36188154_10156310069412988_1322959487488753664_n

The morning was spent with Abby. I got to sit in solitude reading a John Grisham book “The Whistler”. We also walked around and enjoyed being outside.


Later in the day, Mom and I rented Kayaks and enjoyed the view from the water. Kayak rentals are $40 per night or $20 per day. I think I am going to invest in two kayaks of our own. The breeze was blowing and the weather was beautiful. I didn’t even sweat that much (which is unusual for a June afternoon). The cold Yuengling Light was also good! I am so happy this is something Mom and I got to do together. There is nothing more priceless than spending time with family. Mom also kicked butt in the kayak. She stayed ahead of me the whole time. She was cruising!


Except when I had to get a selfie of us both! 36276959_10156310069762988_7493985192919433216_n36188345_10156310069807988_8018439556330160128_n36256142_10156310069837988_6711938443649220608_n

This is where I was singing Elton John “Tiny Dancer” fairly loud. I had Pandora going on my phone. Mom finally told me I needed to let Elton John sing. haha 36087282_10156310069932988_6630011676190048256_n

What was really cool is seeing SPIRIT from the water. I realized I am truly blessed to be enjoying a day on the water and being able to RV on the weekends. SPIRIT is my home away from home. My happy space. There is nothing like feeling wrapped in God’s beauty while outside. Enjoying all the little things. Enjoying the #rvlife


Saturday night we enjoyed a steak dinner. It was SO GOOD! THANKS Mom for being such a great chef! Steak, salad, and sauteed veggies.


Mom enjoying the end of the sunset…


We did have some storms during the night. I was able to catch this lightening strike across the lake around midnight.


The next morning began with a beautiful sunrise. I had to thank God for such a beautiful masterpiece. I am always grateful to be alive each day that I wake up. We made Belgium waffles with coffee for breakfast! These were so GOOD!



After breakfast, we went kayaking. We had to burn off those waffle calories! haha. It was windy today with some blue skies. It was starting to get humid and warm back up.


I absolutely loved kayaking. It was a great workout. It was a freeing feeling to be out on the water away from all the troubles and stress of the world. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I know I am going to invest in two kayaks so no matter what lake we visit, we can explore from the water.

The funny part of Sunday morning was trying to walk past the geese to our camp after kayaking. We were scared they were going to chase us. A nice fisherman helped us get by them unharmed. They were taking over the beach and the swimming area this weekend. The swimming area was actually closed.

A few more random nature pictures from the weekend.




White walking back to the RV, I looked at this sweet face. She has been with me for nine years. She has been loyal and loving through the years. I am so glad she gets to enjoy these trips with Mom and me. This face always makes me smile.


And then it was time to go home. Back to reality of life.

Until the next trip,

A happy camper and her dog



Leslie and Abby Galloway

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