June 1-3rd… A weekend with friends and family.

June 1st..

Friday is here! And this is the day my nephew Gray arrives. It is also the day that my friends Dustin and Sara join us.  Dustin also just got an RV and will be camping next door to us.

This is a morning view with Abby. 34075977_10156252671797988_1951036680014135296_n

Today was spent hanging out with Abby and relaxing. A day of solitude.


I kept lunch simple today. These are so good!


Not much to tell about the afternoon because it was nothing but rest and solitude…

Mom and Gray arrived around 4:00.. The first thing he wanted to do was drive Spirit. He loved exploring the RV and the outdoors.


Over the weekend, we met this amazing couple from Indiana.. Andy and Brandy. They were traveling back home from their trip to Galveston. They had two little dogs traveling with them also. Abby got to hang out with Bo Joe. They were traveling in a class A which was really cool. It looked just like the inside of a home. They spent Friday night and left Saturday afternoon. We had a great time getting to know them.


Not long after Gray arrived, we had a nasty storm. The RV started rocking, the winds were tough, and there was waves on the water.


But Gray didn’t mind, he just watched his movie… While I kicked back and had a cold beer. haha



Dustin and Sara arrived in their class C RV. It was really cool to have some friends drive up and hang out doing the RVing too. This was a maiden voyage for them as well. Even though Dustin has been camping most of his life with his family in other types of campers.  We enjoyed great company, cold beer, and for supper Dustin grilled some steaks and veggies.





Friday night sunset..



This was our patio and view for the weekend…. Amazing! 34386179_10156258151612988_1869795058622922752_n

Friday night ended with Gray sleeping with me. Let me just say, sleeping with a 2 year old and a dog on a futon is not easy… Not much sleep! 🙂 The futon was comfortable with a busy toddler kicking all night. haha.


June 2…

Saturday morning sunrise, beautiful early morning scenes, and a crossword puzzle.

Life is good.


Starting my day off with peace and quiet while Gray is sleeping. This is the best part of the day. A cup of Hazelnut coffee and a nice breeze off the water. It was foggy this morning but cleared up. About 80 degrees but heating up! Its gonna be a hot day!

Abby stayed cool in the baby pool!


Dustin and Sara helped Gray catch a fish today. He loved it!


Random pictures from the day! Enjoying the little things is what makes life so much better.  Kids will always remember the fun times spent with them.


Gray loved the lights!


Saturday night we ate with Dustin and Sara. Dustin cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and grilled veggies. YUM!



We hung out and enjoyed the company, good food, and hot weather.


But the night wasn’t over…

Around 12:00am the weather channel alarm went off on my phone saying we were under a tornado warning and to find shelter immediately. I woke mom up and we took Gray and Abby to the closest rest area where we waited out the storm with 9 others. All scared. The park rangers did a great job alerting everyone to take cover. They also checked on all campers during and after the storm. We finally got to bed about 2am. The threat was over. I think Mother Nature broke us in good on our first weekend RVing,

Some of the wind damage in our camp.


But the next morning, God showed his grace and beauty…

We thanked God for the new day. It was 70 degrees, breezy, and beautiful.


Gray and I spent time walking around with Abby Sunday morning.



Gray loves Dee Dee hugs and kisses! 34382064_10156258143877988_2557871853351731200_n


34415884_10156258777552988_4940542009195626496_n34303521_10156258777422988_1496087798124380160_n34366448_10156258777367988_1585655140604444672_nBefore it was time to go, we visited Dustin and Sara where they made some homemade waffles! And they were awesome, like the funnel cakes you get at the blues festival. Gray ate them right up!


Our cell phone service was out so we decided to come home before lunch. We didn’t want Gray’s parents worried about him. We had such an amazing time at Mississippi River State Park. This will definitely be a frequent place for us to camp since it is so close to home and easy to drive to. We met so many amazing and friendly people. We made memories with family and friends. And honestly, that is the best part. I hope Gray always will remember his camping adventures with his Dee Dee and Aunt Essie. We loved having him be a part of our first weekend RVing. I also loved having my sweet fur baby with me.

So… time to go home.

This is where Abby rode part of the way home. She is not a fan of riding on long trips.


Time to close this first chapter of our RVing life.

Until the next great adventure..


a happy camper and her dog



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