The Maiden Voyage..

May 31st… The Maiden Voyage.

This was the first day of our great adventure in SPIRIT. As I am typing this on the first full morning, I am looking at the most serene and peaceful view. It is about 75 degrees now. Here is a my view…


But let’s begin with yesterday… My first time driving a 31 foot RV anywhere.

Her name is Spirit.

We are camping 30 minutes from home at the Mississippi River State Park. It has been recently renovated and is beautiful. It is a hidden gem. But in order to get here from Helena, I had to drive through road construction with those orange cones very narrow on the road. I was laughing that I was being tested at my driving skills on the first day! Speaking of driving skills, I was able to back Spirit in her narrow spot on the first try! Yes! I was excited about that.

Here is Spirit in her spot..

The first day was restful and learning how to operate Spirit and hook things up and find out how easy (or difficult) camping can be. So far, it has been very enjoyable.  Here are some pictures from the first day.


Mom and I are on this adventure together. And who can go camping without eating fish? My brother in law Sam and sister Amy caught some crappie and we got to eat a delicious meal last night. Thanks to my Mom’s amazing cooking! Crappie, homemade fries, and slaw. And of course my favorite beer… Yuengling Light.


For most of the day, we sat and admired the water and view. In peace. No outside noise. No phones. No anything but nature and its beautiful sounds. The sunsets here are amazing. Here are pictures of the first night at sunset.



These are the moments when I talk to God. When I thank Him for his love and grace. When I thank Him for all the beauty and little things. I am happy to be alive and free of cancer. And when I get to see sunsets like this, I am truly blessed.

The first night came to a close with Mom and I watching a movie on our smart TV using my cell phone as a hot spot for wifi. (We will need this when we have a 2 year old boy tomorrow in the heat). Here is Abby, on the futon bed that we slept on last night. It was very comfortable. And Spirit was very cool last night. AC worked great!



June 1st…





Again, thanking God for His glorious masterpiece. I don’t think this could be any more beautiful. This is from our camp site. Right outside the door. Isn’t this just amazing?



And here is my happy dog (but still have asleep for picture) Abby…


So we are caught up to now.. It is around 75 degrees and overcast.

First morning, just relaxing and watching the water and fishermen go by on their small motor boats. The rain is lightly falling as I type. I love to take pictures, eat, listening to music, play with my dogs, and write. So most of my blogs will be about all of these things. I want to keep all of our journeys in this blog. Just like someone would do with a photo album. Except in the time of technology, we can now to things like this instead.

Did I mention I was here with my amazing mother? These are the times you wish you could just freeze the moments… I am truly blessed to have her as a mother. She has been with me through a lot. And I thank God for her each day.


Today is Friday and we have friends coming today that will be camping in the next lot. We are going to cook out and enjoy the kiddos. My two year old nephew Gray will be joining us this afternoon for the rest of the trip. I can’t wait to see him and see how he enjoys camping and the outdoors. I always think kids raised outside tend to be so much happier and connected to life. This will be so much fun!

Meeting RV people at the nearby camps today has also been really cool… Will post more about that in next blog!

Day two of blog for Mississippi River State Park June 1st weekend will be tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy our reading our adventures as we begin a happy camper and her dog journeys.. Please comment below and say hello!




One thought on “The Maiden Voyage..

  1. Leslie~ I LOVE your title “A Survivor & her SPIRIT”, so fitting for you, also, great job on your maiden voyage! We bought a Class A 30ft Allegro Motorcoach about 2 months ago, and we haven’t taken it out of our hometown yet. It can be intimidating to drive something so large with so many blind spots! We are prepping now, to take our first trip, and plan to try RV’ing Full Time for a while. Thus is the reason why we haven’t left yet, we want to ensure we don’t have too many unforeseen issues on the road. We have been fixing anything that could be an issue, to try and prevent any break downs in this heat over the summer, since we will have our 5 yr old youngest daughter with us. I wanted to thank you for reminding me that beauty is all around us, not just in far away, exotic locations, but also right here in our own backyards. We live in Southeast Louisiana, my husband’s family is from North MS, near Vicksburg, and we have beautiful places to visit locally, before venturing out too far. Our goal is to reach the West coast eventually, but until we know how far our RV will get us, we will try our local scenery first. Sometimes we forget to look at what we already have, not just what we want or what others have. Best Wishes on your continued travels, here’s to many more beautiful sunrises and sunsets, God paints a new one everyday! ~Jamie ❤


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