October 12-14th 2018

Mississippi River State Park.

#11. Camping spot.

I arrived on Friday with Abby. The weather was overcast and chilly. A great day for a campfire and solitude. This would be my quiet time before Mom and my 2 year old nephew arrived that night.

Friday night my niece Claire made homecoming court at a school in the same town we were camping in. So of course we went to watch her walk across the field. Isn’t she beautiful?

After the homecoming event we returned to camp with my nephew Grayson. He loves camping. The whole way there that is exactly what he said. Haha.

He loved the campfire.

We had a great Saturday enjoying the chilly day and overcast. Gray loves playing in the rocks and riding his four wheeler and finding sticks for the campfire.

We roasted hot dogs for lunch. and told funny stories too!

It rained a lot Saturday night and Sunday morning. I love hearing the rain hitting the metal roof of the RV. We went to bed early listening to the rain. I have to say there is nothing better than making memories and spending time with family. I hope Gray remembers all these camping trips with his Aunt and Grandma DeeDee as he grows older.

Sunday morning coffee with a view.

Enjoyed a walk with Mom and Gray before going home.

It was a short weekend but I always love spending time outside with family and Abby. We did meet some really cool people nearby from Memphis who are also dog rescuers.

We have another camping trip scheduled soon so stay tuned.


~a happy camper and her dog

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